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Atherton Tablelands Baptist Church is a group of Christian believers who live on the Atherton Tablelands.  We hold that the Bible is the word of God and that Jesus Christ came to earth to to offer everlasting life to those who believe in him. If you would like more information about this offer from God, please feel free to contact us. You are welcome to visit or join us at any time. The Atherton Tableland Baptist Church It is part of Baptist Family of Churches in Queensland.  Pastor, the Rev John Whyte has worked as a pastor for many years.  John has served in a number of baptist churches around Queensland from small country churches to the larger centres.  Jeff Lawson is our Associate Pastor, primarily engaged with youth ministry. We meet as a fellowship each Sunday Morning at 10.00 a.m. and though other support groups such as our Connect Groups and Children’s Ministries.

Connect Groups

A Connect Group is a great way to get together to learn more about God’s word and to get to know others. It’s a time put aside to share, support and pray for each other. In the books of Peter and Jude we were encouraged and reminded  we are strangers in this world, called to be different and a difference.  To grow up and follow in Christ’s steps of submission and that our hope is in Christ because of what He has done at the cross. We are also to live in His knowledge, faith and holiness, sharing our faith and being aware of false teaching, preparing for Christ’s return and being alert to preserve the Christian life and faith.  Our Connect Groups help us to ‘get connected’ in our lives. You are welcome to be a part of a Connect Group if you’re not already.

Church Camp – Nov 2,3 & 4


4 November Church Camp Service:  10:30 am
Where:  Quinola Lakes Campsite, 83 Andrickson Rd, Malanda
*** Note the Service is not at the church building in Atherton


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Service Times

Sunday Worship Service 10.00 am
    (includes Kid’s Church) 10.15 am
      Good Friday 2018  9.30 am
      Easter Sunday 2018  9.30 am
      Christmas Day 2018 T.B.A.
November 4  10:30 am

You Are Welcome to Call (or visit)

Church Office:  4079 1049 After Hours:  3151 3702

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